February 26, 2015 § 2 Comments

  1. Hitmen and kidnappers monitor your street. Mistakes can happen.

    Photo by Bruce Joshua Miller

    Lord of the Manor

  1. Patrolling Dobermans (woops, one went off-leash!), postal carriers and babies beware.
  1. Parked Limousines blocking traffic while thieves reconnoiter the hood.
  1. Twice-a-day delivery of luxury items to the B—your online purchases—diapers, toilet paper, soap—get lost in the shuffle.
  1. The presence of noisy demonstrators and accompanying law enforcement personnel armed with heavy weapons, not to mention body guards with itchy trigger fingers.
  1. Misguided process servers convinced they’ve found the B’s secret redoubt—your house or apartment.
  1. Skyrocketing property values raising property taxes beyond your ability to pay.
  1. During extended absence, or when the B leaves for good, his/her house falls into disrepair, beginning the neighborhood’s downward spiral; Rampant graffiti, crime comes next.
  1. Foreign diplomats, politicians, financial advisers, venture capitalists, inventors, supplicants coming and going in the wee hours via limo, armored car, UberX, taxi, motorcycle, bicycle, you name it.
  1. Tour companies add your illustrious neighbor’s address to their bus routes as a must-see destination.

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